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We are highly purpose driven and strongly believe that we have not only the opportunities but also the duty to do all we can to leave a world with a positive future for the generations to come. 

To date, we are far from taking advantage of our opportunities - operational decisions often get in the way of strategic decisions for true transformation.

With BAMAAI, we make the difference because our solution is easily integrated into operational processes. We understand industries pain points and promise a strong impact.

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Our Vision

We will achieve most sustainable production using AI for a betterfuture for all. We will be the world marketleader for AI-controlled batch processesby 2028.


Strongly driven by Purpose and our responsibility for this one earth, the entire team is committed to this vision. This is our last chance to stop processes that will limit our environment and future to such an extent that future generations will no longer experience a world as we know it. 

Each team member, regardless of field or responsibility , also has degrees from the most prestigious universities, PhDs or masters degrees , and has spent many years in industries, so we focus our solution on ease of implementation that can map a clear ROI and is in line with corporate strategies.


In addition, we pay attention to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Team

Customer Opinion

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"For us BAMAAI technology is essential for our business case. 

In AgTech there is no alternative and as we produce CO2 positive we stronlgy believe in AI to make faster and better decisions than we could ever do. 

In addition BAMAAI AI supports our modular production setup to build our sites close by our customers, as we can handle all data centralized."

Julia Rohde, CEO of Corbiota 

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