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Driving sustainability by developing AI solutions for CEA and VIF processes

solving unmet needs

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AI input control:

  • natural resources 

  • energy

  • production resources

AI operations control:

  • air/climate parameters

  • soil/water parameters

  • growth

  • fertilizer

  • light

  • product parameters (size, number, ripeness…)

AI output control:

  • yield (crops/animals/fungi in numbers/size/weight) 

  • timing/output planning

  • waste


our high performing CEA architecture...

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...leading to strong impact

OUTPUT planning & control
Significant energy SAVINGS

SAVING input resources
multi/cross-site MANAGEMENT
ZERO WASTE production

  • We are the industry solution supplier delivering proven neural network AI to manage, optimize and predict BATCH production with limited data points

  • BAMAAI´s goal is to save at least 15% of energy, water, raw materials, carbon footprint and waste for a more sustainable industrial production

  • BAMAAI offers their customers a hybrid product (SaaS AI-platform) & services portfolio

  • Our cloud-connected BAMAAI solution will be the new batchindustry standard, helping in getting substantially better in thesustainable development goals (SDG)

BAMAAI technology supports 
industries in reaching their 
sustainability goals

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UN Sustainability Goal Contribution

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